A special Protective Coatings that keeps external Wood Cladding protected while maintaining its original appearance...

Wood Cladding

Woodstain VV is formulated to protect and enhance the character and highlight the design of wood cladding. Correct coating  application will give new cladding long life and protection in all weather conditions despite our harsh climate. This coating is easily applied by brush or spray application. End grain sealer should be applied to all exposed end grains prior to applying Woodstain VV. Available in a range of transparent, semi opaque and opaque colours.


Wood Cladding Products


End grain Sealer: Transparent and Opaque sealer to be applied to all end grains prior to coating

Woodstain VV: Specifically formulated for wood cladding in  a range of semi opaque and opaque colours

PDF's - Technical Data Sheets - Click to view

Drywood Woodstain VV PDS | End grain Sealer PDS

Safety Data Sheets - Click to view

Drywood Woodstain VV MSDS | End grain Sealer MSDS