Kitchens - Quick drying, durable, scratch resistant Kitchen coatings in a range of gloss levels and colours...


Drywood BD Primer,Topcoat by spray and Designer Coat by brush are waterbased, fast drying, hardwearing kitchen coating system’s. Ideally suited for MDF wood products. Designer Coat is a new product specifically formulated in consultation with kitchen manufacturers. It’s ease of application to existing kitchens makes it an ideal DIY product for a kitchen makeover. It gives a superior smooth finish by brush application and is available in all the popular kitchen colours.


Kitchen Products -Spray Application:

BD Coat Primer: Transparent and Opaque spraying primer for kitchen frames and doors particularly suited for MDF

BD Topcoat: Scratch resistant topcoat for spraying kitchen and all other internal wood surfaces in a range of gloss levels

Kitchen Products -Brush Application:

Designer Coat: Scratch resistant Opaque brush coat finish in a wide range of attractive kitchen colours

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BD Coat TR PDS | BD Topcoat TR SG PDS | BD Coat PDS

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BD Coat TR MSDS | BD Topcoat TR SG MSDS | BD Coat MSDS